For diabetic diet plan

Veggie Sausage-Cheddar Frittata for diabetic

9 months ago

Cook : 00:30


Preparation :

1. You need to preheat your broiler.

2. Get an oven-safe nonstick 12-inch pan, heat this over medium to high flame, andspray (cooking spray) to coat.

3. Put the chopped green bell pepper and pre-sliced mushroom and sauté for 3 mins.

4. Put the thawed and crumbled sausage patties together with salt and pepper to taste;heat this over low flame and cook for a minute.

5.  Get  a  bowl,  put  the  cup  of    egg  substitute  and  ¼  cup  of  fat-free  half-and-half,combine, pour on top of the sausage patties mixture, and cover; cook this for around 6 minutes. At this time, you’ll see the top portion slightly moist.

6.  Get  the  shredded  reduced-fat  sharp  Cheddar  cheese  and  sprinkle  this  over  theFrittata; broil this for around one to two minutes just enough for the cheese to melt.

7. Cut the Frittata into 8 wedges.