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Tilapia Franchaise

9 months ago

Cook : 00:10


Makes: 1 serving


● 1 piece tilapia, 6 oz
● 1/2 beaten egg
● 1/4 cup whole wheat flour
● 1/8 cup white cooking wine
● 1/2 Tbsp lemon juice
● 1/4 cup low salt chicken broth
● Nonstick cooking spray

Tilapia Franchise
Tilapia Franchise

1. Grease medium skillet with cooking spray and put over medium heat.
2. Rinse and pat dry the tilapia. In a mixing bowl, beat the egg. Spread the flour in aflat plate. Coat the tilapia with flour, followed by egg, and then place in the hotskillet.
3. Cook until golden brown on one side, then flip and cook on the other side untilbrown. Lower heat and add the wine. Let evaporate to half. Add lemon juice andchicken broth and let simmer until the liquid reduces.
4. Once liquid is almost completely reduced, remove from the heat and serve withfresh vegetables.