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Red Bean Dip

9 months ago

Cook : 00:15


This is a great bean-and-cheese dip thatnot  only  tastes  better  than  commercialones but is healthier too.

Heat  oil  in  a  skillet. Add  garlic,  onion,jalapeño,  and  chili  powder  and  cookgently  4  minutes. 

Drain  kidney  beans,

reserving  juice.  Process  beans  in  ablender or food processor to a puree.

Addto onion mixture and stir in 2 tablespoonsof reserved bean liquid; mix well. Stir incheese. 

Cook  gently  about  2  minutes,stirring  until  cheese  melts.  If  mixturebecomes  too  thick, 

add  a  little  morereserved bean liquid. Spoon into servingdish and serve warm with tortilla chips.

Yield: 12 servings

Each with: 19 g water; 151 calories (26% fromfat,  23%  from  protein,  52%  from  carb); 

9  gprotein;  4  g  total  fat;  2  g  saturated  fat;  1  gmonounsaturated fat; 1 g polyunsaturated fat;

20g carb; 8 g fiber; 1 g sugar; 158 mg phosphorus;87 mg calcium; 3 mg iron; 44 mg sodium; 463mg potassium;

126 IU vitamin A; 14 mg vitaminE; 3 mg vitamin C; 6 mg cholesterol