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Beef and Vegetable Kebabs with Brown Rice

9 months ago

Cook : 00:30


1. Get a saucepan, heat this over high flame, put the half cup of brown rice pluswater, and boil. Lower the heat, cover this and allow 30-45 minutes to simmer untilthe rice becomes soft and tender. Feel free to pour water as needed to avoid dryingout. When done, put this in a small bowl while keeping it warm.

2. Get the sirloin, cut into four equal parts, and put in a bowl. Take the fat-freeItalian dressing and pour this on top of the sirloin meat. Keep in the fridge for aminimum of 20 minutes to marinate well; turn over the meat as necessary.

3. Heat the broiler, gas grill, or a charcoal grill. Meanwhile, spray to coat the grillrack lightly. Place this four to six inches away from the heat source.

4. Get 2 cubes of sirloin meat, pieces of green pepper, cherry tomatoes, and wedgesof onion; thread all of these onto respective skewer.

5. Get the kebabs and put them on the grilling rack (or broiler pan); grill or boilthese for around 5-10 minutes turning over as necessary.


6. Get the cooked rice and divide this into different plates.

7. Put one kebab over each plate of rice and serve while warm.