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Bacon eggs and asparagus

7 months ago

Cook : 00:15


Ingredients :
1/4 avocado
3 bacon slices
4 asparagus
1 egg
pinch salt and pepper

cut the stems off the asparagus.then Slice the avocado.
Put some water to boil in a pot  then   and add the asparagus.
Cook until tender.and fry the bacon during a skillet until crispy. Crack the egg within the bacon grease and cook it until ready.Add everything to the plate and sprinkle some salt and pepper over everything.

Bacon Eggs and Asparagus
Bacon Eggs and Asparagus

calories : 370

fat : 27.90g

carbs : 8.3g

fiber : 5.1g

sugar : 2.21g

protein : 22.75g